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3D Printed Animal Stinger Needles Might Make Human Injections Less Painful

Naturally, “protruding barbs” is not an inviting description. But they only stick out 0.05 centimeters (0.02 inches) from the needle’s main body — roughly the same thickness of a pinky nail. According to the paper, the “bioinspired backward-facing curved barbs” were developed to enhance “tissue adhesion” to lessen pain typically associated with administering medication via syringe.


The 3D-printed needle was fashioned after nature, as researchers felt inspired by examples from the animal kingdom. Specifically, they looked to ones that could minimize pain yet maximize injection efficiency. They considered “microhooks of parasites, barbed stingers of honeybees, [and the] quills of porcupines” to invent their unique and functional barbed needle design.


One of the paper authors — Howon Lee — said the team’s idea aimed to “mimic the way nature does things” to create something efficient and practically painless. Once the prototype was tested on raw chicken, Lee and his team surmised that the best design was one with six microneedles — each one with skin-gripping barbs.

这篇论文的作者之一豪恩·李(Howon Lee)说:”这个团队的想法旨在“模仿大自然的运作方式”,创造出一种有效的、几乎没有痛苦的东西;”一旦原型机在生鸡肉上进行了测试,Lee和他的团队推测:最好的设计是一个带有六个微针的原型机——每个微针都有紧抓皮肤的倒刺。

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