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Chip Shortage Could Slow Electric Vehicle Rollouts

An automotive chip shortage has led to production cuts around the globe, just as many carmakers are gearing up to expand their fleets of electric vehicles.


The shortage is a result of pandemic-related constraints on supply chains and other factors. And it could prolong the world’s sluggish transition to electric vehicles if chips remain scarce in the coming months, experts say.


“If we’ve got an ongoing chip shortage for an extended period of time, that means those [electric] vehicles can’t get built, and they can’t get sold, and we continue to have more older vehicles staying on the road longer,” said Sam Abuelsamid, an analyst at the market research firm Guidehouse Insights. “So that’s definitely a problem.”

“如果我们在较长一段时间仍然拿不到芯片,这就意味着这些电动汽车上不了路,它们卖不出去,并且我们继续有更多的老汽车保持在路上,而且这种现象持续的时间会更长,”,市场研究公司Guidehouse Insight的研究员Sam Abuelsamid如是说。“所以这绝对是个问题。”

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