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Prisons Attempting to Detect Coronavirus in Inmate Phone Calls

Jail and prison officials in at least three states are using software to scan inmate calls for mentions of the coronavirus, a move advocacy groups believe paves the way for abuse while raising stark questions about carceral health care.


The monitoring software was created by LEO Technologies, a Los Angeles company backed primarily by Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy. Known as Verus, it was first deployed several years ago to forestall suicide attempts, mine calls for investigative tips, and for a range of other purposes. In recent weeks, it has been marketed as a system “that can mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across our nation’s jail and prison facilities” by alerting prison authorities to sickness-related conversations between inmates and the outside world.

这款监控软件是由来自洛杉矶的”LEO Technologies”公司所开发的,该公司主要得到了共和党筹款人埃利奥特·布罗迪(Elliott Broidy)的支持,它被称为”Verus”,最初在几年前被用于阻止自杀的。根据调查显示:这都是拥有一系列其他目的;在最近几周它被宣传为一种“可以减轻我国监狱和监狱设施中covid19大流行的影响”的系统,可以通过提醒监狱当局囚犯与外部世界之间有关疾病的对话来达到减轻的目的。

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