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Researcher’s Claim that Zoom’s Encryption Keys are Often Issued by Servers in China

注意:我们(STARSET Mirror)认为该报道包含不正确的判断,并对该报道持有不同立场:若要指出Zoom的漏洞所在,应该阐明其在密钥产生、储存、分发过程中的漏洞,而不是根据签发服务器所在国来判断其安全性。如果在上述过程中存在漏洞,那么即使相关服务器不位于中国,也有遭到攻击的可能。

The research was done by the people at the University of Toronto and as per the findings, it turns out that some of the encryption keys were issued by servers that were located in China, despite all the participants residing in North America.


The researchers also discovered that Zoom has protection for audio and video content through in-house encryption. The research reveals that there is a vulnerability that is in Zoom’s waiting room feature, and not just that, the company also happens to have about 700 employees in China that are working across three subsidiaries.


As per the conclusion of the report, at the time of writing, Zoom is not secure or suited for secret meetings, at all.ww


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