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Rite Aid在数百家店铺使用人脸识别已达数年之久

Rite Aid used facial recognition in hundreds of stores for years

Rite Aid used facial recognition systems in hundreds of its drugstores across the US over the last several years. According to a Reuters investigation, the technology was deployed in “largely lower-income, non-white neighborhoods” in New York and Los Angeles and had been in use for over eight years.

过去几年里,Rite Aid在全美数百家药店使用了面部识别系统。根据路透社的一项调查,这项技术被部署在纽约和洛杉矶的“低收入、非白人社区”,已经使用了8年多。

The system was designed to identify customers who the company previously had detected were “engaging in potential criminal activity.” An alert would then be sent to a security agent via smartphone, who’d then check whether the match was accurate and, if so, possibly ask that person to leave the store.


As of last week, Rite Aid had pulled the plug on the software, which was present in around 200 locations, owing to a “larger industry conversation” about facial recognition. “Other large technology companies seem to be scaling back or rethinking their efforts around facial recognition given increasing uncertainty around the technology’s utility,” the company said.


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