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地质工程学家RFS在2010年10月开始出现头疼、健忘、颤抖和行走困难的症状,随后他被确诊为患有脑皮质基底核退化症——一种能杀死脑细胞的疾病。在接下来的日子里,数字对RFS日益陌生,他不能再认出大部分数字,但仍能进行心算和其它数学运算。他掌握了一套新的系统,如l代表2,⌈ 代表8。

RFS, an engineering geologist in his late 60s, began to experience headaches, amnesia, tremors, and difficulty walking in October 2010. Doctors couldn’t determine the cause—they suspected a stroke, then discovered that he had a disease called corticobasal syndrome, which kills off brain cells. In the following days numbers became increasingly unfamiliar to RFS. He could no longer recognize most of the numbers, but could still perform mental and other mathematical operations. He mastered a new system of them, where l stands for 2 and ⌈ stands for 8.


The tests performed by a group of neuroscientists revealed that RFS’s deficit is not a simple visual malfunction.Rather, the deficit depended on his interpretation: As soon as his unconscious brain circuits registered a number, everything went haywire. His amazingly specific deficit could help neuroscientists understand how conscious awareness arises in the brain.

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