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Apple is studying mood detection using iPhone data. Critics say the tech is flawed

加州大学洛杉矶分校和苹果公司之间一项最新研究表明,iPhone制造商正在利用面部识别、语音模式以及一系列其他被动行为跟踪来检测抑郁症。来自华尔街日报的Rolfe Winkler的报告加剧了苹果公司关于进军情感人工智能的计算领域的担忧,并且一些科学家说这个领域基于错误的假设。

New information about a current study between UCLA and Apple shows that the iPhone maker is using facial recognition, patterns of speech, and an array of other passive behavior tracking to detect depression. The report, from Rolfe Winkler of The Wall Street Journal, raises concerns about the company’s foray into a field of computing called emotion AI, which some scientists say rests on faulty assumptions.

苹果公司关于抑郁症的研究最早在2020年八月提出。此前关于此研究的信息表明苹果公司只使用某些健康数据,比如心率、睡眠以及一个人如何与手机互动来了解他们的心理健康。但是根据华尔街日报报道,研究人员为了发现压力、抑郁和焦虑,将会监测人们的重要指标、运动、言语、睡眠、打字习惯(甚至是错别字频率)。数据将来自苹果手表和iPhone,利用苹果手机的相机和麦克风,通过 Apple 设备获得的数据将与心理健康问卷和皮质醇水平数据(似乎是从参与者的毛囊中收集的)进行比较。

Apple’s depression study was first announced in August 2020. Previous information about the study suggested the company was using only certain health data points, like heart rate, sleep, and how a person interacts with their phone to understand their mental health. But The Wall Street Journal report says researchers will monitor people’s vital signs, movements, speech, sleep, typing habits—even the frequency of typos, according to the report—in an effort to detect stress, depression, and anxiety. Data will come from both the Apple Watch and iPhone, utilizing the latter’s camera and mic. Data obtained through Apple’s devices will be compared against mental health questionnaires and cortisol-levels data (ostensibly retrieved from participants’ hair follicles).


Apple is also participating in studies that aim to detect cognitive decline and autism in children based on iPhone and Watch data, according to The Journal. These studies are an extension of Apple’s existing interest in individual health. The company has invested heavily in tracking exercise, sleep, hearing, physical stability, menstruation, diet, and other markers of a person’s daily health. It even integrates medical data and can send a health report to your doctor.


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