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robot chef moves into the kitchen, powered by AI

As COVID-19 assails the country, one of the industries immediately affected is restaurants. Initially, food service establishments closed their doors, offering service reduced to drive-thru, curbside, and delivery. Keeping foods and surfaces free from the virus was imperative. At the same time, restaurants were and are struggling with staying open and retaining employees.


“What COVID-19 did was highlight two pressing problems that restaurants already had before the virus struck,” said Dr. Ryan Sinnet, CTO of Miso Robotics, which provides robotic kitchen solutions to restaurants. “The first challenge was obtaining and retaining labor, since the food service workforce, even before COVID-19, was not growing. The second challenge was very narrow profit margins. There already were downward pressures on food prices at the same time that restaurant real estate, labor, and food costs were all going up.”

为餐厅提供机器人解决方案的Miso Robotics公司的CTO Ryan Sinnet博士说:“COVID-19所做的是凸显了在病毒袭击之前餐馆已经面临这两个紧迫问题:第一,是获得和留住劳动力,因为即使在COVID-19出现之前食品服务业的劳动力也没有增长;第二个挑战则是利润率非常低,价格已经面临下行的压力了;与此同时,该相关的房地产、劳动力和食品成本都在上涨。”

Although automating burger frying was an initial project, Miso’s ultimate goal is to develop a line of products that can address a series of restaurant applications, and that could work alongside employees on cooking lines.


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