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Blind Woman Plays Video Game Thanks to Implant That Jacks Directly into the Brain

What if blindness could be cured by an implant that bypasses the retina and goes straight into the brain? This is the system that Eduardo Fernandez, director of neuro-engineering at the University of Miguel Hernandez, has developed, according to MIT Technology Review.

如果绕过视网膜直接进入大脑的植入物可以治愈失明,那会怎样呢?根据《麻省理工学院技术评论》,这是Miguel Hernandez大学神经工程主任Eduardo Fernandez开发的系统。

The innovative new technology was tested on Bernardeta Gómez, who suffers from toxic optic neuropathy and has been blind for 15 years. She was able to recognize lights, letters, shapes, people, and even to play a video game.


Fernandez’s technology is new. Gómez is the first to test it. His approach is promising because it bypasses the eye and optical nerves.


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