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Branson 完成Virgin Galactic宇宙航行,旨在开放太空旅游

Branson Completes Virgin Galactic Flight, Aiming to Open Up Space Tourism

周日上午,Branson 2004年创立的Virgin Galactic公司的一架小型火箭飞机载着他和另外五人前往太空边界并顺利返回。

On Sunday morning, a small rocket plane operated by Virgin Galactic, which Mr. Branson founded in 2004, carried him and five other people to the edge of space and back.

Branson的这次飞行让太空爱好者们看到了希望,即到最后边界的日常旅行可能很快就会面向普通公民,而不仅仅是NASA和其他太空机构的职业宇航员。另一位拥有火箭公司的亿万富翁——Amazon 的创始人Jeff Bezos ——计划在9天内进行一次类似的太空之旅。

Mr. Branson’s flight reinforces the hopes of space enthusiasts that routine travel to the final frontier may soon be available to private citizens, not just the professional astronauts of NASA and other space agencies. Another billionaire with his own rocket company — Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon — has plans to make a similar jaunt to the edge of space in nine days.


In each case, billionaire entrepreneurs are risking injury or death to fulfill their childhood aspirations — and advance the goal of making human spaceflight unexceptional.


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