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Department of Energy to freeze coal, nuclear plant contracts

In a draft memo to be circulated on Friday, the Department of Energy (DOE) argues in favor of using a wartime rule called the Defense Production Act to bail out failing coal and nuclear plants, according to Bloomberg, which obtained a copy of the memo.

据彭博社报道,在一份将于周五传阅的备忘录草案中,美国能源部(DOE)主张使用一项名为《国防生产法案》(Defense Production Act)的战时规定,来救助陷入困境的煤炭和核电站。彭博社获得了这份备忘录的副本。

The memo suggests that the Energy Department could force grid operators to buy power or electric generation capacity from a list of pre-determined power plants for two years, “to forestall any future actions toward retirement, decommissioning or deactivation.”


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