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NASA Mars rover: Perseverance robot launches to detect life on Red Planet

The NASA Perseverance rover has been confirmed to be healthy and is now on a journey to Mars. It will take between 6.5 and seven months before the rover lands on the red planet in February 2021.


“The mission has 314 million miles of interplanetary space and seven minutes of terror to get safely onto the surface of Mars,” said Lori Glaze, director of NASA’s planetary science division, in a statement. “When we see the landscape at Jezero Crater for the first time and we truly begin to realize the scientific bounty before us, the fun really begins.”


During what is hopefully a quiet journey to Mars, Perseverance’s teams will be preparing and training for when the rover lands on Mars. The science team will prepare the instructions it wants to send to the rover as it uses its instruments on Mars.


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