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OpenAI published tool that writes disturbingly believable fake news

In February, OpenAI announced that it had developed an algorithm that could write believable fake news and spam. Deciding that power was too dangerous to unleash, OpenAI planned a staged release so that it could offer pieces of the tech and analyze how it was used. Now, OpenAI says it has seen “no strong evidence of misuse,” and this week, it published the full AI.

The idea of an AI that can mass produce believable fake news and disinformation is understandably unnerving. But some argued that this technology is coming whether we want it or not and that OpenAI should have shared its work immediately so that researchers could develop tools to combat, or at least detect, bot-generated text. Others suggested that this was all a ploy to hype up GPT-2. Regardless, and for better or worse, GPT-2 is no longer under lock and key.

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