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Sex Robots: Unclear if health benefits for users

Advanced sex robots are currently heating up the market, with several companies now offering more and more life-like artificial partners, mostly ones mimicking women. Skeptics fear the desirable droids could escalate misogyny and violence against women, ignite deviant urges in pedophiles, or further isolate the sexually frustrated. Sexbot makers, on the other hand, have been pumping their health claims into advertisements, including that the amorous androids could reduce the spread of sexually transmitted disease, aid in sex therapies, and curb deviant desires in pedophiles and other sex offenders.


So far, those claims are “rather specious,” according to health researchers Chantal Cox-George of St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in London and Susan Bewley of King’s College London. In an editorial published Monday in BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, the pair highlight that there are virtually no studies that help bang out the validity of the many health arguments surging around sexbots—arguments both for and against them.

伦敦圣乔治大学医院NHS基金会的健康研究员Chantal Cox-George和伦敦国王学院的Susan Bewley认为,到目前为止,这些说法“相当似是而非”。在周一发表在《英国医学杂志:性与生殖健康》上的一篇社论中,两人强调,几乎没有任何研究能帮助证明围绕性爱机器人的许多健康论点的正确性——无论是支持还是反对它们的论点。

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