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This Carbon-Negative Generator Makes Drinkable Water out of Thin Air

Like many innovations, the new machine steals from nature. With the acronym WEDEW (for Wood-to-Energy Deployed Water System), it creates its own clouds within a box the size of a shipping container. Powered by wood chips and similar biomass, the WEDEW draws warm air from outside and sends it through an antimicrobial air filter to remove impurities. Once inside the box, the WEDEW introduces the warm air to generated cold air inside. This produces condensation.

With few running parts, the machine can run for 10-15 years, according to its company website.

There’s enough water within the atmosphere at any given time to fill the Great Lakes, around 3,100 cubic miles. Given the fact that this atmospheric water is constantly replenishing due to the planet’s hydrologic cycle, the Venice Beach, California—company has created a system that is unlikely at the current moment to effect the atmosphere negatively.

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