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TSS EXCLUSIVE: COVID Vaccine Passports May Help Revive Economies But Critics Say There’s A Catch

原作者:Rhodilee Jean Dolor

by Rhodilee Jean Dolor


In an attempt to bring back the old normal while preventing the spread of new COVID-19 infections, government leaders and health authorities worldwide turn to a potential solution: vaccine passports.


Vaccine passports are supposed to indicate that the holders now have some immunity against the virus, which means that other people can interact with the passport holder without as great a risk of getting infected.  Passports offer a potential solution that will allow people to more comfortable travel and engage in activities that were hampered by the pandemic. With a document suggesting that someone can’t spread the respiratory disease, passport holders could go to places and attend events that are otherwise restricted for the unvaccinated.


Countries Adopt Vaccine Passport System


Israel rolled out its vaccine passport, the Green Pass, in February for individuals who had doses of the coronavirus vaccine or have recovered from the infection. 


The pass can be a physical document or downloaded to a smartphone. It serves as a person’s ticket to activities like dining in a restaurant, attending gatherings, and even traveling abroad. Israel has struck deals with Mediterranean neighbors Greece and Cyprus to allow its citizens with the passes to visit these two countries.

其他国家现在也在采取类似的举措。在英国,首相Boris Johnson最近透露,政府将测试一种COVID-19状态认证系统,希望旅行和参加活动的人可以通过该系统证明自己对COVID-19有免疫能力。

Other countries are now adopting similar initiatives. In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed recently that the government will test out a COVID-status certification system through which people who want to travel and attend events can prove they have protection against COVID-19.


South Korea also announced that it will launch a mobile app that will provide digital proof of vaccination. Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said the blockchain-powered vaccine passport will be officially launched in April 2021. Japan, China, and Denmark also plan to introduce similar systems. 

不过,美国政府对疫苗护照持不同立场。Joe Biden总统的政府不希望联邦政府颁发疫苗证书或将人们的疫苗接种数据存储在一个中央数据库中。美国政府打算鼓励私营部门公司和非营利组织开发解决方案。

The US has a different stance on vaccine passports, though. President Joe Biden’s administration does not want the federal government to issue vaccine credentials or store people’s vaccination data in a centralized database. It intends to encourage private sector companies and non-profit organizations to develop solutions.


The Good And The Bad


Good intentions may have propelled the introduction of vaccine passports globally. For one, the system allows nations to reopen their economies and revive businesses that crashed amid restrictions against gatherings and unnecessary travels.

纽约州州长Andrew Cuomo在宣布推出美国首个官方疫苗护照时指出,Excelsior通行证在该州“基于科学的重新开放”中发挥了关键作用。

In announcing the launch of the first official vaccine passport in the US, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pointed out the crucial role of the Excelsior Pass in the state’s “science-based reopening.”


“New Yorkers have proven they can follow public health guidance to beat back COVID, and the innovative Excelsior Pass is another tool in our new toolbox to fight the virus while allowing more sectors of the economy to reopen safely and keeping personal information secure,” Cuomo said.

然而,疫苗护照已经成为一个热议的话题。该系统的潜在危险问题已经浮出水面,可能侵犯公民隐私是最令人担忧的问题之一。总部位于纽约Surveillance Technology Oversight Project的执行负责人Albert Fox Cahn指出,Cuomo州长并没有公开隐私政策。他评论道:“我们不知道这些数据如何被追踪,也不知道警方是否可以获取这些数据。”

However, vaccine passports have become a hotly debated topic. Issues of the system’s potential dangers have emerged, with possible violation of privacy being one of the top concerns.  Albert Fox Cahn, executive director of the New York-based Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, noted that Gov. Cuomo did not publish a privacy policy on the pass. “We have no idea how this data can be tracked and if it’s accessible to police,” he commented. 

Excelsior Pass使用区块链,虽然这些数字账本上的数据通常是公开的,但Excelsior Pass使用的是私人区块链,这意味着只有授权方可以检查内容。一些人担心这种设置可能会导致数据滥用,因为收集到的数据缺乏清晰的保护方式。区块链专家还质疑使用支撑比特币和其他加密货币的技术的必要性,因为数据的真实性问题可能会危及系统。

Excelsior Pass uses blockchain, and while data on these digital ledgers are typically public, Excelsior Pass uses a private blockchain, which means only authorized parties can check the contents. Some fear that the setup may lead to abuse because of lacking clarity on how the collected data is protected. Blockchain experts also question the necessity of using the technology underpinning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since issues on the data’s veracity could compromise the system. 

“区块链解决了一个非常具体的关于不信任人的问题,这个疫苗的问题是你确实信任别人;你必须相信进入区块链的数据是真实可信的,反映了谁接种了疫苗,”Zerocash protocol of the Zcash cryptocurrency的联合创始人Matthew Green说。

“Blockchain solves a very specific problem around not trusting people, and the problem with this vaccine stuff is you do trust people; you have to trust the data being entered into the blockchain is an actual trusted reflection of who’s vaccinated or not,” said Matthew Green, who co-created the Zerocash protocol of the Zcash cryptocurrency.

英国埃克塞特大学法学副教授Ana Beduschi也警告称,数字健康护照引发了数据隐私和人权方面的问题。她说:“如果一些人无法获得或负担得起COVID-19检测或疫苗,他们将无法证明自己的健康状况,因此他们的自由将实际上受到限制。”

Ana Beduschi, an associate law professor at the University of Exeter, also warned that digital health passports raise questions on data privacy and human rights.  “If some people cannot access or afford COVID-19 tests or vaccines, they will not be able to prove their health status, and thus their freedoms will be de facto restricted,” she said.

美国其他州已经在其辖区内禁止了疫苗护照。佛罗里达州州长Ron DeSantis最近签署了一项行政命令,反对这个阳光之州的文件,他认为这可能会损害患者的隐私。他还表示,该系统可能会根据疫苗接种记录将洲内公民划分为两类。“要求参加体育活动、光顾餐馆或去电影院等日常生活的所谓COVID-19疫苗护照,将根据接种疫苗划分为两类公民。”他的行政命令这样写道。

Other US states already banned vaccine passports in their jurisdiction. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who recently signed an executive order against the documentation in the Sunshine State, argued that it may harm patient privacy. He also said that the system may create two classes of citizens based on vaccination records.“Requiring so-called COVID-19 vaccine passports for taking part in everyday life–such as attending a sporting event, patronizing a restaurant, or going to a movie theater–would create two classes of citizens based on vaccinations.” his executive order reads

世界卫生组织(WHO)也反对在允许国际旅行时使用疫苗接种证明的想法,称这可能不是重新开始旅行的有效策略。世卫组织指出,COVID – 19疫苗在减少病毒传播方面的有效性仍然存在不确定性,而且疫苗的可用性仍然有限。世卫组织发言人Dr. Margaret Harris说:“现阶段我们不希望将接种疫苗护照作为出入境的要求,因为我们不确定在这个阶段疫苗是否能防止传播。”

The World Health Organization (WHO) also opposes the idea of using certificates of vaccination in allowing international travel, saying it may not be an effective strategy to restart travel. The UN agency noted there are still uncertainties on the effectiveness of COVID jabs in reducing the transmission of the virus and the still limited availability of the vaccines. “At this stage, we would not like to see vaccination passports as a requirement for entry or exit because we are not sure at this stage that the vaccine prevents transmissions,” said WHO spokesperson Dr. Margaret Harris.


The Battle Continues


The world is still at war against the pandemic. At the time of writing, nearly 23 million are still infected with COVID-19. The necessity of using a vaccine passport is one of the unprecedented issues that the world has to face as the battle against COVID continues.


Sooner or later, as researchers hopefully find a cure and the world finally develops herd immunity against the illness, people can eventually mingle with others and explore new places without restrictions and fear of getting infected. For now, though, we can only hope that the world’s leaders make the best decision in making sound policies amid the crisis, and this includes settling whether or not to adopt a system based on people’s vaccination status.