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UK’s NHS COVID-19 Tracking App Lacks Safeguards Against Data Misuse

A UK parliamentary committee that focuses on human rights issues has called for primary legislation to be put in place to ensure that legal protections wrap around the national coronavirus contact tracing app.


The app, called NHS COVID-19, is being fast tracked for public use — with a test ongoing this week in the Isle of Wight. It’s set to use Bluetooth Low Energy signals to log social interactions between users to try to automate some contacts tracing based on an algorithmic assessment of users’ infection risk.

这款名为”NHS COVID-19″的应用程序正在被快速追踪以供公众使用,本周在怀特岛进行测试;它将使用蓝牙的低能量信号来记录用户之间的社交互动,试图根据对用户感染风险的算法评估来自动跟踪一些联系人。

The NHSX has said the app could be ready for launch within a matter of weeks but the committee says key choices related to the system architecture create huge risks for people’s rights that demand the safeguard of primary legislation.


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