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A false facial recognition match sent this innocent Black man to jail


There are only a handful of known cases in which facial recognition has been used as the sole evidence in an arrest, and many police departments claim to use facial recognition for investigative leads only. However, according to some privacy advocates, the restrictions on facial recognition being presented as evidence are lax, and there is little transparency about how those matches are being used in criminal cases.    

“当我们谈论美国每天进行的面部识别扫描的数量时,我们甚至不知道完整的数字,”监控技术监督项目(Surveillance Technology Oversight Project)的执行总监Albert Fox Cahn说。该项目是一个反对执法部门使用面部识别的非营利组织。“有些人被错误地送进了监狱,却不知道面部识别在他们被捕的过程中发挥了作用。”    

“When we talk about the number of facial recognition scans unfolding in the United States every day, we don’t even know the full number,” said Albert Fox Cahn, executive director of Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, a nonprofit that opposes the use of facial recognition by law enforcement. “You can have people who are being sent to jail wrongly who never know that facial recognition played a role in their arrest.”    

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