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Clearview AI 的面部识别技术在欧洲遭到抨击

Clearview AI’s facial recognition tech comes under fire in Europe

据彭博社报道,欧洲的隐私团体已对Clearview AI公司提出投诉,称其从Facebook等社交媒体网站上抓取了数十亿张照片,违反了隐私法。国际隐私组织(Privacy International)等监管组织已经在奥地利、法国、希腊、意大利和英国对该公司采取了法律行动,并告诉监管机构,这种做法“非常具有侵入性和危险性”。

Privacy groups in Europe have filed complaints against Clearview AI for allegedly breaking privacy laws by scraping billions of photos from social media sites like Facebook, Bloomberg has reported. Watchdog groups like Privacy International have taken legal action against the company in Austria, France, Greece, Italy and the UK, telling regulators that the practices “are incredibly invasive and dangerous.”

“提取我们独特的面部特征,甚至与警方和其他公司分享,这远远超出了我们作为在线用户的预期,”隐私国际的Ioannis Kouvakas告诉彭博社。

“Extracting our unique facial features or even sharing them with the police and other companies goes far beyond what we could ever expect as online users,” Privacy International’s Ioannis Kouvakas told Bloomberg.


Clearview has been controversial since it was first revealed. The company has an immense database of faces taken from social media and uses AI to compare those to images from security cameras or other sources. If caught on camera anywhere in public, law enforcement can use that image to extract a wealth of information about you, effectively killing any semblance of personal privacy.


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