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DNA synthesis breakthrough could lead to faster medical discoveries

For all of the advancements in genetic research, DNA synthesis hasn’t changed much in over four decades. That could make it a serious obstacle to scientists who are otherwise racing to develop a new drug or understand the human body. It might finally catch up to modern technology, however. A group at the Berkeley-based BioEnergy Institute have devised a synthesis technique that promises to be faster, more accurate and affordable. If all goes smoothly, it could significantly accelerate the pace of medical and biochemical discoveries.

尽管基因研究取得了长足的进步, 但DNA合成在过去40年里并没有多大变化。这可能会成为科学家们竞相开发新药或了解人体的严重障碍。然而,它最终可能会赶上现代技术。位于伯克利的生物能源研究所的一个小组设计了一种合成技术,有望更快、更准确、更实惠。如果一切顺利,它将大大加快医学和生物化学发现的步伐。

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