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A Structure In Deep Space Is So Giant It’s Challenging Standard Physics


Scientists have discovered a structure in the distant universe so immense that it is actually challenging our understanding of the universe.

这个新月状的星系流被称为Gaint Arc,它横跨33亿光年,其半径约为整个可观测宇宙的十五分之一。

Known as the Giant Arc, this crescent-shaped stream of galaxies stretches across 3.3 billion light years, making it about one-fifteenth the radius of the entire observable universe.

最近,Central Lancashire大学的博士生Alexia Lopez在第238届美国天文学会虚拟会议上宣布了这一不寻常的发现。Lopez在6月7日的演讲中说:“它太大了,很难用我们目前的理论来解释。”

The unusual discovery was recently announced by Alexia Lopez, a PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire who detected the Giant Arc, at the 238th virtual meeting of the American Astronomical Society. “It’s so big that it’s hard to explain with our current theories,” Lopez said during her presentation on June 7.

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