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Google AI Transforms Smartphone Snaps Into Iconic Works of Art

Art Transfer, as the new feature is called, is underpinned by an AI-powered algorithm that analyzes famous paintings to replicate their style in any photo you take. “Art Transfer doesn’t just blend the two things or simply overlay your image,” wrote Michelle Luo, a product manager for Google Arts & Culture, in a blog post. “Instead, it kicks off a unique algorithmic recreation of your photo inspired by the specific art style you have chosen.”

这项新功能被称为“艺术迁移”(Art Transfer)——其基础是一种人工智能算法,它可以分析名画,在你拍摄的任何照片中复制它们的风格;谷歌艺术与文化的产品经理Michelle Luo在一篇博客文章中写道:“艺术迁移不仅仅是将这两种东西混合在一起,或者简单地覆盖你的形象。”“相反,它会根据你选择的特定艺术风格,对你的照片进行独特的算法并将它重现。”

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