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Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries

“I’d be more worried about the camera on your phone than I would be about a drone,” Amazon devices SVP Dave Limp told me in an interview a few hours after yesterday’s big Echo event. The drone in question is the Ring Always Home Cam, an autonomous indoor drone that can use a map of your home to independently fly around to check out strange noises or run a patrol when you’re not home.

“我会更担心你手机上的摄像头,而不是去管一个无人机。”亚马逊设备部门高级副总裁戴夫·林普在昨天发布会几小时后的一场采访中对我说。他说的无人机正是Ring Always Home Cam,这是一款自主室内无人机,它可以利用你家的地图独立飞行,在你不在家的时候检查奇怪的噪音或执行巡逻任务。

The drone was just one of well over a dozen product announcements Amazon made yesterday — including a full-on game streaming service to compete directly with Microsoft and Google. But everybody’s visceral reaction to the idea of an Amazon-powered drone flitting its camera about your house is what will be remembered.


Box CEO Aaron Levie pretty much summed it up, tweeting, “If 2020 wasn’t already dystopian enough for you, Amazon just announced an indoor flying drone camera.” The second-most popular response is that this thing would get absolutely wrecked by an overeager cat or dog.


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