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Operation Legend is Bringing Surveillance Tech to Cities

In August, 40 federal agents arrived in Memphis. Some were already on the ground by the time U.S. Attorney Michael Dunavant announced the onset of Operation Legend and the city became, along with St. Louis, the seventh to be targeted by the Justice Department’s heavy-handed initiative to reduce violent crime. Many of the agents are on temporary assignment, working in collaboration with police; nearly half will relocate by November. But they will leave behind a city flush with grant money for local police — and heightened surveillance capabilities..

8月,40名联邦特工抵达孟菲斯。到美国检察官迈克尔·杜纳万特(Michael Dunavant)宣布“传奇行动”(Operation Legend)开始之时,一些人已经开始行动。司法部采取了减少暴力犯罪的严厉措施,这座城市则与圣路易斯一起成为第七个目标。许多特工正在与警察合作进行临时任务。到11月,将有近一半特工撤离。但到那时给当地警察的拨款将变得充裕,警察的监视能力也将有所提高。

In Memphis, organizers have long battled police surveillance. The fight came to a head in 2017, when a lawsuit against the city of Memphis revealed years of close surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists and union organizers. “We knew we were being watched and monitored and surveilled,” said Hunter Demster, an activist who was tracked on social media by MPD. The suit was successful, and in 2018, a federal judge ordered an independent monitor to oversee policing in the city. Now, activists there say that Operation Legend is a serious blow.

在孟菲斯,活动家长期以来一直在与警察监视对抗。 2017年,这场斗争达到了顶峰,当时针对孟菲斯市的诉讼显示,多年来有关部门一直在密切监视Black Lives Matter活动家和工会组织者。 MPD在社交媒体上追踪的激进主义者亨特·德姆斯特(Hunter Demster)说:“我们知道我们一直受到接连不断的监视。”诉讼成功了,2018年,一位联邦法官指派一名独立监察员监管该市的治安工作。现在,激进分子称说“传奇行动”对他们来说是沉重的打击。

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