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Samsung sheds light on its ‘artificial human’ project

Samsung has been drumming up hype for its Neon ‘artificial human’ project, and now it’s clearer as to what that initiative entails. Project lead Pranav Mistry has posted a teaser effectively confirming that Neon is nothing less than an effort to create lifelike avatars. The digital beings are based on “captured data,” but can generate their own expressions, movements and sayings in multiple languages. While the static image doesn’t reveal much more than that, some recent discoveries help fill in the gaps.

三星一直在为其Neon“人造人”项目大肆宣传,而现在这一举措的意义更为明确。项目负责人Pranav Mistry发布了一个挑逗性的帖子,有效地证实了Neon无异于努力创造逼真的化身。数字生物基于“捕捉到的数据”,但可以用多种语言生成自己的表达、动作和谚语。虽然静态图像没有揭示更多,但最近的一些发现有助于填补空白。

A series of videos unearthed by Reddit users and compiled by Good Content (below) appears to offer more detail. In at least one case, Samsung appears to have captured an actor’s likeness and voice to use those as the starting point for a Neon avatar — the appearances and expressions are realistic because they’re initially based on real people. When it comes to their practical purposes, Mistry hinted in a recent LiveMint interview that digitally produced humans like these could serve as a “virtual news anchor, virtual receptionist, or even an AI-generated film star.” They’d put a warmer, more accessible face on AI assistants that might otherwise seem cold and robotic.


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