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Working Prototype Of Smart Contact Lens Unveiled

Mojo Vision, a tech startup firm, has unveiled a working prototype of what it claims to be the world’s first true smart contact lens.


This smart lens is essentially a miniaturized display that can be worn in the eye. The company says it could provide directions, sports scores, or even let them see in the dark. Essentially, it’s a mini-computer. The best part about it? No one will ever know it’s there! It’s been designed so people can’t see it and according to senior vice president of product and marketing, Steve Sinclair, the company has made it so that the interactions are also extremely subtle, done only with eye movements, ensuring that no one is aware of its presence.

这种智能镜片本质上是一种可以戴在眼睛里的微型显示器。该公司表示,它可以提供方向、运动成绩,甚至让他们在黑暗中看到。本质上,它是一台小型计算机。最棒的部分是什么?没人会知道它在那里!它的设计让人们看不到它,根据产品和市场部高级副总裁史蒂夫·辛克莱(Steve Sinclair)的说法,公司的设计使得互动也非常微妙,只通过眼睛的运动来完成,确保没有人意识到它的存在。


翻译:STARSET Mirror翻译组