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Texas law could force social media to host misinformation and hate speech

Texas Governor Greg Abbott yesterday signed a ban on social media “censorship” into law, imposing new restrictions on tech companies that are certain to spark a court battle similar to one happening in Florida.

德克萨斯州州长Greg Abbott昨日将一项禁止社交媒体“审查”的禁令签署为法律,对科技公司施加新的限制,这肯定会引发一场类似佛罗里达州发生的法庭大战。

Industry groups slammed the newly enacted legislation as “unconstitutional.” The law “seeks to punish social media companies for following policies that protect Internet users from dangerous content online,” according to the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA).


The CCIA previously sued Florida to block a state law that would have made it illegal for social media companies to ban politicians. US District Judge Robert Hinkle sided with the tech industry in June, granting a preliminary injunction that blocks the law because it violates the First Amendment rights of companies that moderate user content on their online platforms.

CCIA此前曾起诉佛罗里达州,以阻止一项州法律,该法律规定社交媒体公司禁止政界人士是非法的。美国地区法官Robert Hinkle 6月站在了科技行业的一边,批准了一项初步禁令,阻止该法律的通过,因为它侵犯了《第一修正案》(First Amendment)赋予那些在其在线平台上控制用户内容的公司的权利。

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