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备受争议的面部识别公司Clearview AI正与ICE合作

Controversial Facial Recognition Firm Clearview AI Is Teaming Up With ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) this week signed a deal with Clearview AI to license the facial recognition company’s technology. According to a federal purchase order unearthed by the nonprofit Tech Inquiry (via The Verge), an ICE mission support office in Dallas is paying $224,000 for “Clearview licenses.” Engadget has contacted Clearview and ICE for details on the scope of this agreement, as well as what ICE plans to do with its access to Clearview’s tech.


The company is able to identify people by matching a photo of them against billions of images it has scraped from social media and other internet services. The American Civil Liberties Union sued Clearview in May for allegedly violating Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act. Lawsuits accusing the company of breaking privacy and safety laws have been filed in several other states.

这家公司能够将他们的照片与从社交媒体和其他互联网服务上获取的数十亿张图片进行比对,进而识别出他们的身份。美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)5月起诉Clearview,称其违反了伊利诺伊州的生物特征信息隐私法(Biometric Information Privacy Act)。指控该公司违反隐私和安全法的诉讼已经在其他几个州发起。

Clearview plans to invoke the First Amendment in its defense. CEO Hoan Ton-That has suggested that since those images are “publicly available information,” it’s fair game to scrape them.

Clearview计划援引第一修正案进行辩护。首席执行官Hoan Ton曾暗示,既然这些图片是“公开的信息”,那么把他们收集起来也就并没什么错。

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