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Virgin Galactic向太空旅游迈出了又一大步

Virgin Galactic takes another leap towards space tourism

Virgin Galactic公司使用“SpaceShipTwo”火箭飞机进行了第三次太空旅行。这次飞行发生在5月22日,是该公司在新墨西哥州Spaceport America设施的首次起飞。

Virgin Galactic has performed its third voyage to the edge of space using the SpaceShipTwo rocket plane. This flight, which took place on May 22, was the first to take off from the company’s Spaceport America facility in New Mexico.

Virgin Galactic的系统由两部分组成:火箭飞船VSS Unity和运输机VMS Eve。他们一起飞到了大约9.5英里(50000英尺)的高空。然后VMS Eve释放了VSS Unity,并启动了它的发动机。在周六的飞行中,Unity达到了3马赫的速度,并将自身飞行高度提升至55.4英里。

Virgin Galactic’s system comprises two parts: the rocket ship VSS Unity and the carrier aircraft VMS Eve. Together, they travelled to an altitude of about 9.5 miles (50,000ft). Eve then released Unity, which ignited its rocket. During Saturday’s flight Unity achieved a speed of mach 3 that boosted it to an altitude of 55.4 miles.

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